National Automotive Experts
Friday, August 28, 2015
Surface Scienceā„¢ Total Automotive Surface Protection

National Automotive Experts is the exclusive distributor in the United States for the Patented Paint Process, PPS®.  PPS® is a Polarized Paint Solution branded in the United States as Surface Science™. 

Surface Science™ is so durable, it is even available with a LIFETIME guarantee!  It is an easy, efficient application process and creates a mirror-like finish that is breathtaking!

Take a few minutes and watch a short video on the benefits of Surface Science™ - CLICK HERE!

Surface Science™ is so incredible that even the owner of a 1.5 MILLION dollar Bugatti wanted it applied to his vehicle!  

During independent laboratory testing, the following results were proven:

        Coating Thickness (Two panels were used, both measured before, one coated and one uncoated)

                    Untreated:  90.5                   Treated:  123.33 (~30 microns thicker)
        Color (Whiteness was measured before and after exposure of 2000 hours)

                    Before: 52.40                        After:  51.29

        UV Ray (Yellowing was measured before and after exposure of 2000 hours)

                    Before:  8.77                          After:  8.92 (actually retarded the yellowing process)

        Gravelometer (A QUV Gravelometer was used with 320ml of gravel at an air pressure 70 psi at 26.7 degrees celsius.
                                   The breaks and bruises were counted in the clear coat paint)

                    Untreated:  182 flaws          Treated:  141 flaws

        Pencil Hardness (Pencil scratch test with multiple pencil leads)

                    Result:  No scratch marks observed up to a 6H pencil

        Scratch Resistance

                    Result:  No scratches observed up to 1000 grams

BENEFITS OF SURFACE SCIENCE™ (A PPS® Paint Sealant Application)

Protect the substrate from the very beginning - surfaces are very susceptible to extreme environmental conditions.  The Surface Science™ application will fill porous substrates with a unique PTFE resin (plasti-cizer).  This will form a barrier that will prevent penetration of any other elements and create a smooth surface that will increase efficiency and reduce water and contaminant absorbtion.  The result is reduced maintenance costs and increased production.  
  • Diverse:  overcomes problems related to environmental hazards, exposure to UV light, oxidation, bugs, surface scarring and extreme climatic conditions. 
  • Water Resistance:  Surface Science™ when cured, is very hydrophobic, the main component is completely resistant to hydrolysis and is an excellent barrier to water permeation. 
  • Resilient:  Surface Science™ retains its properties after aging, even at high temperatures and in contact with solvents and oxidizing agents.  Its bonding is not substantially affected. 
  • Etching:  Bug remains will etch into the surface and the acidic fluids are well known to create pockets.  Surface Science™ has been proven to reduce or stop surface scarring resulting in less surface adhesion of h2o, dirt and bugs.
  • Expansion:  A hydrophobic coating that contains no memory allowing for the continued expansion and contraction of the coating membrane to allow for maximum adhesion to the surface substrate.